Post-Conference Wrap Up!


On behalf of the EGSS Conference Committee, I would like to thank you for your participation and your contribution in making the conference a success.
We have uploaded all photos taken by photographer Scott Cope to the Conference Facebook Page!
We gave out several awards to celebrate and promote student achievement. The EGSS Travel Award is awarded to a student outside of the Faculty of Education at McGill University. It serves as an aid to help the student travel to present their research at the EGSS Conference. The award is given to a student based on merit judged by their research proposal. Second, EGSS offers two proposal awards, one for Master’s students and one for Doctoral students. The award commends students on their ability to present their research in a complete, coherent way. Next, EGSS offers a Poster Excellence Award, judged by members of the EGSS Conference Committee. The winner of this award is a poster that exemplifies excellence in research clarity and aesthetic presentation.The People’s Choice award is given to a student voted amongst their peers as having the best poster presentation. Finally, new to this year’s milestone conference, EGSS awarded the Elevator Pitch Award to the student who can efficiently present their research in three minutes or less.
Congratulations to Aurélie Frégeau (EGSS Travel Award), Shalini Sivathasan (PhD Proposal Award), Carole Spake (MA Proposal Award), Gwenaëlle Philibert (Poster Excellence Award), Patrick Delisle-Houde (People’s Choice Award), and Sarah Marshall (Elevator Pitch Award)!
We would also like to thank our keynote speakers, Dr. Sara King and Dr. Patricia Longmuir for their captivating and inspiring talks.
A special thank you to our sponsors: The Dean’s office (Faculty of Education, McGill University), the Canadian Society for the Study of Education (CSSE), the Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education at McGill University, the Post-Graduate Student Society at McGill University, the McGill Alumni Association, the Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology, Research and International Relations McGill University. Thank you for your support and for helping make the conference free for all!
We hope that you enjoyed the conference and hope to see you next year at the 16th Annual EGSS Conference,
Best Regards,
Megha Nagar,
EGSS Conference Chair