EGSS 2017 Post-Conference Wrap-Up

On behalf of the 2016-2017 EGSS Conference Committee, I would like to thank students, staff, faculty, sponsors, and vendors for coming together to host a successful 16th annual conference, here in the Faculty of Education at McGill University!

This year’s conference theme, “Culture and Community in Canada: Education for All” sought to serve as an avenue to highlight research concerning various cultural and community groups’ experiences within the Canadian educational context, through a lens of social justice and advocacy, and informed by evidence-based research. In striving to reach this goal, we were proud to highlight through workshops, oral presentations, and posters numerous important topics discussed by students and faculty, including: Social justice pedagogy in teaching and research; psycho-educational and formative assessments for culturally and linguistically diverse students; early intervention, academic, and employment outcomes for individuals with mental health issues or developmental disabilities; learning languages using graphic novels; bullying and cyberbullying among Indigenous and non-Indigenous students; inclusion of Allophone students in French immersion or mainstream education; adult and teacher education; reducing racial inequality and learning differences through the arts; inclusion in physical and general education of LGBTQ+ students; inclusion of diverse learners in STEM programs …And many more.

We were especially excited to welcome two keynote speakers to Montreal for this event. Dr. Yuka Nakamura (York University) opened up the conference with her keynote address entitled, “Bringing a soccer ball to a knife fight: The relevance of sport and social inclusion within a context of growing racism and hate”, and Dr. Suzanne Stewart (University of Toronto) closed the conference with her keynote address entitled, “Education and Mental Health: Indigenous Knowledges for Canadians”. Thank you to both speakers for shedding light on important and timely topics of discussion.

Furthermore, we were pleased to be able to offer several student awards at our Wine & Cheese student award reception at Thomson House, to promote and support emerging student scholarship. Congratulations to Emily Stubbert (PhD Research Proposal Award), Alexa-Savan Ahooja (MA Research Proposal Award), Enoch Leung (PhD Poster Excellence Award), Shannon Herrick (Best Elevator Pitch Award) and Rayna Edels (Student Travel Award). Thank you to our Student Awards Review Committee, and to Dr. Anila Asghar (Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Studies) for presenting the awards!

A huge thank you is needed to our sponsors for their support, without whom this conference would not be possible:

  • Dean’s Office, Faculty of Education
  • Post-Graduate Students’ Society (PGSS)
  • Education Graduate Students’ Society (EGSS)
  • The Canadian Society for the Study of Education (CSSE)
  • The Le James McGill Bookstore
  • Copie Nova
  • Starbucks
  • Sadie’s Café
  • Boulangerie Patisserie Wellington
  • Weinstein & Gavino’s

Last but not least, I would like to thank EGSS (especially EGSS President Emma Clark), the Conference Committee, and all of the presenters, abstract reviewers, and conference volunteers, for their tireless work in making this conference a worthy platform for showcasing important research within and around the Faculty of Education at McGill.

I hope you all enjoyed the opportunity to present or engage in education-based discourse, dissemination, and collaboration, and I look forward to seeing even more student-led research at next year’s conference!

Best wishes,

Shalini Sivathasan, MA (PhD Student, ECP)

EGSS Conference Chair 2016-2017

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