Elevator Pitch

The purpose of the Elevator Pitch Award is to recognize and encourage emerging skills in oral dissemination of academic research in an effective and engaging manner to a broad audience

Best Elevator Pitch Award (attendee selected) – $75

Participants in the Elevator Pitch Competition will present the gist of their research in front of an audience in three minutes or less. The presenter who most effectively communicates their research and why it is important will be awarded this prize, based on a majority vote by the audience.

Elevator Pitch submissions should be submitted to egss.submissions@gmail.com  by Friday March 20th at 9pm EST.

Please provide:

  • Presenting author information (Full name, program, affiliation, email address)
  • Title of your presentation (should not exceed 15 words)
  • Abstract (cannot exceed 250 words) describing the purpose, perspective(s) or theoretical frameworks, educational importance of your study, methods/data sources and results/conclusions if applicable. Please include abstract word count.
  • Keywords (3-5) that describe the specific content of your abstract
  • 50-word synopsis to appear in conference proceedings


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