Printing Your Poster

Posters should be no more than 36 inches (i.e., 3 feet) in width and 48 inches (i.e. 4 feet) in height. This is to ensure that two posters fit on each poster board.

Copie Nova printing shop, located at 1015 Sherbrooke St W, is generously providing a discount to students printing posters for the EGSS conference. Copie Nova will offer a significantly discounted price of $39.00 for plain paper and soft plastic tube, and $66.00 for gloss paper and solid card stock tube (3 x 4 feet poster) for 2018 EGSS conference presenters. Should you decide to print your poster at Copie Nova, bring USB with a PDF of your poster to their store along with a copy of this email to receive the discount at least 24 hours before you would like to have the poster printed.


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